Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Great day!!

Today has been an awesome day! We are now giving Noah 2 hour breaks from the CPAP and he is doing so well! He is on full feeds and up to 27 calorie count. He has started to gain a little weight and I can definitely tell his legs are getting the chunk back! :)
Noah's PICC line was taken out today, as he no longer needs it. I just LOVE it when they start to take away things like that! Noah and I got in some much needed snuggle time a little bit ago... we both snoozed for like an hour. It was so nice. :)
Noah also had another ultrasound done on his abdomen, but nothing was out of the ordinary. His numbers are all starting to go back to normal so that is awesome. His gut is also working VERY well... lol... He actually managed to get himself a bath and bed sheet change today! ;)
Right now, he is still on a break from the CPAP and is comfortable. But he will be put back on it in a few.
Thank you all for the prayers!! Please continue to pray for healing and strength for Noah. Please pray we can come home SOON!!! Thank you!!!


Anonymous said...

Aww! Look at his sweet little face! God is so good!

Christy said...

SO thankful to God for these steps in the right direction...the direction of home :) How awesome for him and you to have snuggle time! Prayers continue and we love you!

Duda family said...

That is awesome, what a great Lord and Savior we have! Praise God!!! We will continue to lift your family up to Jesus!!!

Kylie said...

So happy to hear the good news, I have a smile of my face now. Such a precious little boy, I hope you get to take him home soon too. Love to Noah xx

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He is getting so BIG!!!!

He is getting so BIG!!!!
Getting a short break from his O2 :)

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Me and my boy :)

Me and my boy :)

Dec. 6, 2010

Dec. 6, 2010
I got to hold Noah!!


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