Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still waiting for God's timing..

As some of you know, Noah had to be re-intubated last night after about 6 hours of extubation. I was very upset and angry. I wanted to give up my faith and prayer. My heart was very "cold" yesterday. But then I looked at my sweet boy and was reminded that God is still at work because Noah is still with us! The same can not be said for a 12 year old girl who is 2 rooms down from Noah. She has fought leukemia and Jesus is bringing her home this very moment. Aaron went and prayed with the family. They even invited him into her room to pray for her. My heart aches for their loss. This is a very sad place to be. It is hard to imagine that happiness exists beyond the lobby doors. So when you remember to say a prayer for Noah tonight, please say one for his neighbor and her family.
Noah has been agitated and restless all day today. His temperature went up and did not go down even with Tylenol, so we ended up putting cool wet wash cloths on his pulses. That seemed to work! His stomach and gut are starting to back up again. They have done everything to try to figure out what was causing the agitation. Finally about an hour ago, his doctor turned off the dex drip and it was almost an instant response! His heart rate settled down, he stopped crying and squirming, and fell asleep comfortably! I am so happy that all it took was to take AWAY a sedation drug to make him feel better! Hopefully this does the permanent trick!
Sometime soon, they will be having a care conference to come up with another plan as to getting Noah off the ventilator. One of those options is getting a trach put in. :(
Please continue prayer for Noah and his mommy and daddy! And also for the little girl and her family who gave her to Jesus tonight. Thank you.


Anonymous said... heart aches for them! We will keep them in prayer! As you know many people all over are covering you three in intense prayer and will continue. I think it makes sense after being on so many meds for so long that taking away sedation would help :) That is a Great Thing! Not that we want him in pain, of course not....but all that going into his little body cannot be good either. Understand I am not saying it is the wrong thing when it is the only choice....just trying to say how it makes sense to us his body can get overload. Love you, Christy and Ben

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about Noah. I hope they give you some options/answers very quickly!! I was wondering why you were still on 3rd floor. We knew that little girl two doors down....very, very sad. She was wonderful.
I will be praying for you and baby Noah for a speedy recovery and back to our floor soon!!! Much, much love tonight!!

Amberlina said...

My heart goes out to you and everyone in the children's hospital up their. Keep your faith strong. Your family has so many people around the world praying you. My mom and dad reads this blog everyday. We are all here for you!

Stay Strong,


alyshalarrison said...

this is really sad and is making me cry, im so sorry i hope he is better soon and im sorry for the little girls parents.

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