Monday, February 15, 2010

Good news...

Noah's broncoscopy went VERY well this morning! Dr Mitchell said his airways look better then what he was anticipating. He is very optimistic that we can extubate him by the end of the week. God is awesome! Let us remember to pray and thank God, even in our happiest of times!
His temperature is slowly making its way back down. The PICC line they thought was infected, was pulled 2 days ago and sent for testing... so far nothing has grown from it.
They may be restarting his feeds tomorrow... they'll start with a lower calorie count to make sure his belly can handle it. Then work his way back up to full feeds and a higher calorie.
Today marks 3 weeks since Noah's airway surgery and day 48 of this ICU stay. Almost as long as the last stay.
Please continue to pray for Noah's lungs as they are still inflamed and have a little fluid. For the infection to leave his body and his temperature to continue to come back down. Thank you!!


Amberlina said...

I am so happy to hear the GREAT news. He is a fighter. We will keep praying!


Greg H said...

We will keep Noah and your family in our daily prayers.

Greg, Lisa & Jack

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to meet you little fighter Noah !You and your family are in our prayers ! Keep the faith & trust. Stephanie Barr (MOPS)

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He is getting so BIG!!!!

He is getting so BIG!!!!
Getting a short break from his O2 :)

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Me and my boy :)

Dec. 6, 2010

Dec. 6, 2010
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