Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sing with me, How great is Our God!

Praise and Prayer night was just what I needed. I really felt God's presence and He spoke to my heart.

When we got back to Childrens last night, Noah was doing a lot better. Aaron and his mom walked in and Noah looked at his daddy and started smiling! :) He still has a breathing tube in.. they are going to leave it in for another day or two just to be sure he will be well and strong enough this time. So please pray we will not have any set backs.

His numbers keep improving, Praise God! They have started to increase his feedings as well and so far he is doing great.

This morning his night nurses told us that he was a good boy. One of them said, "He is such a flirt!" ... Yea.. Noah is starting to feel better. :D

They are still working on weening him off the sedation meds and I think they have finally figured out a good regime because he is more awake and HAPPY! He is still going to be going through withdrawls so please continue to pray for easy and quick transition.

So, I am going to MOPS today... Can't wait!
This is Noah this morning! See his sweet smile??! :)


Greg H said...

He's a cutie pie ! Thank you for the time I got to spend with him yesterday. It was really difficult to see him hooked up to all the machines, and coming out of the medicine withdrawals, but what WE see is just one tiny part of the mural of his life, and the pain you are going through because of this. God sees His whole life. God knew before the History of the World, that this was going to happen, and still you Praised God.
(Psalm 139) I have seen you raise your hands to God in the worst of times and the Best. This has been a Huge inspiring part of my life and of many others who through Noah, their Faith in God, and the Saving Power of Christ has been shown. We will keep your family in our thoughts and prayers.

Greg H.

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He is getting so BIG!!!!

He is getting so BIG!!!!
Getting a short break from his O2 :)

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Me and my boy :)

Me and my boy :)

Dec. 6, 2010

Dec. 6, 2010
I got to hold Noah!!


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